We seek to partner with exceptional founders, helping them to achieve their goals.

We look for innovative companies working in sectors we understand and know well, being our principal focus areas Mobile, healthcare, gaming, BigData and education. We focus on companies with extraordinary products and promising expectations of growth.

The founders are the first for us, they are who build companies and we offer them our support and advice in business strategy, product development, visibility and introduction to key partners.

We invest in entrepreneurs who transform the market with:

Amazing teams

We look for balanced and skilled teams, with seasoned and highly committed leaders.

Huge market opportunities

We are focused in high potential areas with huge markets (over $1 billion) and fast growth possibilities.

Unique value propositions

We seek investments with a clear advantage over competitors and a defined strategy to reach the market.

Product oriented companies

Having always in mind the business model and how to monetize, we look for product enthusiastic entrepreneurs working in giving the users the best products and services.


We invest in Seed and Series A stages from $100k to $150k per company. We take minority stakes in the companies and work side-by-side with founders.


Focused on the US, we also analyze opportunities in Europe and LATAM.